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My mind is always open

I was sitting watching my son play today and I had a thought. (I know.. It can happen.)

I feel as if I’ve been opening myself up more to possibilities and the universe, or whatever you want to call it. I’m feeling more intune. I’m more concerned with how something feels in my gut, rather than “shoulds” or “shouldn’ts”.

I was sitting and thinking and pondering things when I started thinking about this:

why I got on twitter, following my gut

I’m not sure why I first got on Twitter. I can’t remember what it was that made me finally set up an account. I think it was my brother that suggested I give it a try.

So I did.

I gave it a try. But that was it. Just a try. I didn’t really find any traction. Didn’t really get it. Didn’t *really* enjoy it. Was gonna stop.

And I did for a short bit.

But something called me back. I don’t know why I went back.

I was drawn back. I kinda feel as if I was making mountains in my potatoes without knowing why.

I kept at it. I pushed my way through the “twitter dip”.

why I got on twitter, following my gutI started seeing why I might be there. Why I felt the pull to come back.

I have met people through twitter that I have connected with on profound levels. Levels I’ve never encountered before.

why I got on twitter, following my gutI think many of us are feeling the same way. We were drawn to Twitter for some reason.

Some of us know why.

Some of us *think* we know why – but will find out later it was a different why.

Some of us still aren’t sure.

But a vast many of us are realizing there’s a power here FAR beyond the medium.

I truly believe those of us with like energies are being drawn together. We may be coming from completely different worlds, but we’re all being pulled to the same destination.

And when we meet, it’s simply magical. Something happens that I can’t describe. When these energies exist in the same physical space, something spectacular happens.

People are being placed into my life and I don’t know why yet. One person in particular that comes to mind is @optimom. Laurel is an amazing human being. We’re realizing we’ve been put together for reasons that are different than we initially thought. We thought we knew why, but we’re finding out we were off a bit. We’re surrounding ourselves with the right people. The reasons may not have shown themselves yet.

I could go on and on and on about each individual person I have connected with. It would take a series of posts to do that. It’s simply amazing.

why I got on twitter, following my gut

I am surrounded by people that want to see me fly. Not people that want to clip my wings.

I am surrounded by people that I can talk to about “weird” things and they GET me.

I am surrounded by fabulous on a daily basis because of people that have been brought into my life via the conduit that is Twitter.

I’m opening myself up to the possibilities. And there have been changes. Hard changes. But changes that needed to be made. There are changes that still need to be made.

I feel more connected to the universe than I ever have before. I hear the whispers. I feel things more deeply – and I’m letting myself believe what my gut knows to believe instead of pushing those thoughts away.

I feel as if I can fly.

And when I do fall, I have so many people to help pick me up. So many people to feed my light.

I’m glad I followed my gut. To those closest to me, I may look like a crazy man making mountains in his potatoes, but I know where my gut is pointing. I know I have to follow it.

Come with me if you wish.

Stay put if you wish.

But keep your hands off my potatoes.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Anne says:

    Social media has taken 6 degrees of separation to a whole new level it seems and it looks like you’ve made so many friends and connected with so many interesting individuals in your experience!

    As I was reading through blog, I noticed you also cover some topics on parenting and I was wondering would you be interested in sharing your articles with other like-minded parent bloggers? If yes, please email me at info@atomicreach.com with Parents in the subject line.


  2. Sharon says:

    You should do a series on the people who’ve come into your life and why 🙂

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