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How do you do sex?

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That was the question that came out of the mouth of my babe today. “How do you do sex?” I paused and responded back with, “What do you think?” His older sister piped up and said, “It’s when the penis goes in the vagina.” “Oh right,” he nods. Then she follows up with, “Or in  [ Read More ]

As of yesterday, my first- and fourth-graders can tell you. And no, I don’t mean “lube and filter” lube. I mean, LUBE lube. Yes. Sexy sex lube. How did this all come about? Well, sit back and lemme tell you about yesterday. It started innocently enough, with a run-of-the-mill drive to school. We either have 96.7FM  [ Read More ]

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Nine months ago I wrote this rant. I’m reposting on this new blog because the government is still sitting on an over-a-decade-old curriculum and I want my children to be properly educated and armed with knowledge. Yes, they will get this at home, but the school needs to reiterate it. The older they get the  [ Read More ]

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