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*Originally posted on Our World From A to Z in December 2009. You know you’re in a mushy, emotional state when you hear an Aeorsmith song and go, “totally, dude. Totally.” Dream On came on the radio and the lyrics just clicked with me today. Every time I look in the mirror All these lines  [ Read More ]

How do you do sex?

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That was the question that came out of the mouth of my babe today. “How do you do sex?” I paused and responded back with, “What do you think?” His older sister piped up and said, “It’s when the penis goes in the vagina.” “Oh right,” he nods. Then she follows up with, “Or in  [ Read More ]

And easier. With September comes many changes. The nights are crisper, more of a stark difference between day and night. The days turn cooler. The leaves begin to change. School begins anew. A new year. A new grade. September still feels like much more of a new beginning than January ever did, or does. Photo  [ Read More ]

More looming..

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There’s lots of stuff going on again. As there will be in this journey to becoming resingled… This one is about this kids again. I wrote about how telling our kids about the divorce was looming. I wrote about telling the kids about our separation and how that went down. And now, there’s more. And  [ Read More ]

It’s looming

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I have no idea where this post is headed or if it will even make much sense, but there’s something in my head that needs to come out – and out it shall come. Many of you already know. Some may not. For those who don’t know, my husband of 10 years and I are  [ Read More ]

I just read a post by Annie at PhDinParenting.com and I had to look into this more. She posted a tweet from @EvenfloBaby and a video from their YouTube channel. Here is the tweet: “If forced to feed on-the-go”.. Really, Evenflo? I enjoyed being able to feed on-the-go. Using the term “forced” is bit much  [ Read More ]

Some days I think, “Yay humanity! We’ve evolved further than chickens!” Then some days I lower my head and realize, nope. We are no better than chickens. Have you ever heard the term “pecking order”? There’s a reason for that saying. Chickens pick on the ones they deem different or weak – whether it’s size  [ Read More ]

This post is inspired by the May Mom Blog Hop. We’re celebrating “mom” all month long, instead of just one day in May. (And Mother’s Day seems like it was SO long ago already!) You can follow on Twitter with the #maymomblog hashtag. There are a lot of awesome people to follow in the search  [ Read More ]

The Change

Posted by jackiyo 6 Comments

I’ve gone through the change. I will never be the same. I’m in a club that once you enter, you can never leave. (Kinda like the mob, but without the knee-cap smashing.) My change came January 8, 2004. In the evening. It was about a month after I found out I was pregnant with my  [ Read More ]

Thinking in the rain

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Today was a cloudy, but warm and dry day. Right up until I was about two blocks from picking Baby Girl up from school. Then it got dark, windy and VERY rainy. A downpour, if you will. There was still about ten minutes to go until I had to be in the schoolyard to get  [ Read More ]

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