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Power ballad love

Posted by jackiyo 2 Comments

Today’s feels like a power ballad kind of day, so I’m compiling a list of some of my favs. Did yours make the cut? What did I miss?

Sorry a couple wouldn’t embed. I’ve hyperlinked them.

One of my absolute favourites: High Enough – Damn Yankees


My favourite of the Jovi power ballads: Living in Sin – Bon Jovi

Love Bites – Def Leppard always takes me back. I think I wore out my record.

Gotta get some Poison in here. Every Rose Has Its Thorn.

Home Sweet Home – Motley Crue

How about a little bit of Metallica. Can’t have a list without Nothing Else Matters.

A bit more of Bon Jovi with I’ll Be There for You. Will you, Jon? Ok.

Love When the Children Cry – White Lion

Let’s get some Winger in here. Miles Away.


Need some estrogen in here. Close My Eyes Forever – Lita Ford with Ozzy Osbourne.

How about some Ozzy on his own. Mama, I’m Coming Home.

And one of the yummiest of the bunch, Sebastian Bach… Mmmm. I Remember You – Skid Row.

And let’s wrap it up with Heaven – Warrant.

What else should be on this list? Did I miss any musts?

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Marina says:

    I love your choice, but I will definitely put Always – Bon Jovi 🙂

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