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This week there were lots of things that tickled me. If you follow me on twitter (@jackiyo) or interact with me on facebook you may have seen some of them already. I thought I’d compile them here, too.

These are things that made me smile in the past week. There were many more, but I thought I’d whittle it down a bit for easier consumption, since we all have attention spans of gnats on Red Bull when it comes to the internet.

First of all there is Mike Tompkins. This guy is awesome. Check out his a cappella cover of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep. FAB! (Also I just discovered Adele… I know… I’m slow.)

Did you watch The Tonys? (Do you know what the Tonys are?) For those of you who don’t know, The Tony Awards are kinda like The Academy Awards, but for people that perform in real life and can hear the audience reaction (and candy wrappers and cell phones) while they are performing. And the award show is FA-bulous! (Said with my best flamboyancy.) Here is Neil Patrick Harris (or NPH as those of us who want to skip along the boardwalk with him call him) performing the opening number. Simply brilliant.

Wind can be a bitch. But you just keep on truckin’ (or duckin’ as the case may be.)

Darth Vader. Mad Hatter Tea Cup Ride. Need I say more?

I’ve also recently discovered Renee and Jeremy – and they are fantastic indy kids’ musicians. Check out ‘Share’.

Ok. This one I not so much “enjoyed” per se, as bawled my eyes out like a baby (as I do every time I watch or even think about this clip.) Bravo Sesame Street. An oldie but a brilliantie.

And now, to completely balance the Sesame Street video, here is Samuel L Jackson reading “Go the F*@k to Sleep”.

If you haven’t seen My Drunk Kitchen yet, you’re welcome. This series of videos is simply brilliant in both content and editing. Warning – this is a time suck (and as the previous link was, not safe for work – if your work is uptight and unfunny – and not safe for kids, unless they are Samuel L Jackson’s.)

And finally, a little Christmas in June, from the ALWAYS entertaining and SUPER fabulous and ETERNALLY adorable Colin and Justin.

So, go ahead, enjoy the videos. And if you’re like me, you’ll favourite these and revisit them when you need a pick me (or a cathartic cry, as in the case of “Mr. Looper”.)

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