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You know how I could tell I screamed? Loudly? My throat was sore for the whole night after the play was over.

Let me back up the truck for a moment. Ghost Stories is a production Mirvish brought to Toronto and is currently playing at the Panasonic Theatre. I had seen the teasers (such as this one)

and wasn’t sure if I *really* wanted to go, but was intrigued, for sure.

Let me say, I’m a wuss. I used to LOVE horror flicks. Now? I suck. I can watch them, but I totally freak myself out afterward. It may have something to do with watching Children of the Corn as an impressionable youth and living near a corn field…

I won’t do the haunted houses (like the kind they have in Niagara Falls) anymore because it’s just not worth the psychological damage to me anymore. The last time I went in one, all I wanted to do was get out. I still watch some horror movies. I’d like to see The Grudge or Paranormal Activity, but I’m a wussy wuss and haven’t gotten around to watching them. Oh, plus, my kids are young and movies like that are hard to watch, what with all the screaming and “quiet then really loud” that comes along with them.

Also, I won’t touch a ouija board. I saw Witchboard. I know what can happen. Seriously, I won’t play. Don’t want to play with those kind of magics… I believe in them enough to not want to test them.

(My husband said they were playing once – before he met me – and a spirit that was supposedly his grandma said he would meet the person he was going to marry within the next year. And my initials were given. Creepy! But kinda cool.)

Having said all that, I may scare a bit more easily than the average bear. Some may find it hokey. I found it fun. Even though you KNOW bad crap’s gonna happen, you still jump. Maybe scream. I did.

I went to this show as Kelly’s (@broadwaybabyTO) date. She had two tickets to opening night and asked me to come as her protector. Ha! Do we look like we could protect anything or anyone?

This show is priced really reasonably, especially if you use some of the discount codes that are out there. Here’s one from Mirvish, and I quote:

“We’re offering e-Stagers some splendid savings on tickets – more than 50% off in some cases! From now through May 15, see Ghost Stories any Tuesday (7:30PM) or Wednesday (1:30PM & 7:30PM) for only $30. Come on a Thursday (7:30PM) and get any seat in the house for only $40; come on a Friday (7:30PM), Saturday (5:00PM) or Sunday (3:00PM) and pay only $50. Call 416.872.1212 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 416.872.1212 end_of_the_skype_highlightingor 1.800.461.3333 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1.800.461.3333 end_of_the_skype_highlightingor go online to ticketking.com and quote the discount code FEARFUL.”

*Although I got to go for free as Kelly’s date, I was not paid, nor asked to blog about the show. I thought I’d just spread the word about a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening. As long as you don’t have to walk home alone.

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